Samsung’s Active line of flagship has been an AT&T zone for quite a long time. Since the main S4 variation propelled in 2013, major blue has held exclusivity to the tough flagship. (There was one dash S5 variation, however it wasn’t called Active.) But the times of AT&Tyranny for the Active line are reaching an end. It would appear that the tough IP-68 version of Samsung’s flagship is headed T-Mobile. At least someday in the future.

VentureBeat reports that marketing material they’ve approached focuses to the handset coming to the magenta-colored carrier. The model number will be the SM-G892T. The AT&T model was identical for an A toward the end, for reference. It should also come in a similar Meteor Gray and Titanium Gold colors it did previously.

They don’t have any information that points to when the new model may be discharged so it could be a while. VentureBeat also discovered different references to a possible all inclusive version, the SM-G982U, that is appearing in some certification databases. That may imply yet another SKU is out there, and it could even be opened since most phones with a “U” in Samsung’s model number plan normally are.




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