Samsung wants to release a smartphone with a foldable display in 2018. The company’s mobile head Koh Dong-Jin said while addressing media in Seoul, reports the Associated Press.
The world’s largest smartphone company is in process of coming with a phone with a bendable display, under the company’s popular Note brand. Koh added that there are several “hurdles to overcome”, before making the flexible smartphone available in the market.
Samsung has been working on a phone with a bendable screen for a while, previously dubbed “Galaxy X’. The company first showcased a flexible display prototype called Youm in 2013. Over the last few months, Samsung filed a number of patents for a smartphone that could fold into half.
Previous reports have claimed that Samsung wanted to produce working prototypes of the flexible smartphone in the third quarter of 2017, but the company changed its plans. The official mass production of the bendable smartphone is likely to kick start in 2018, though Samsung is yet to confirm the exact status with the media.
The South Korean company Samsung isn’t the only one working on a phone with a bendable display. China’s Lenovo has recently showcased a working prototype of a concept tablet that when folded, turns into a two display smartphone, the Folio. ZTE is another company, which is said to be working on a dual-screen, 6.8-inch foldable smartphone. The dual-screen smartphone is likely to be called the Axon Multy, and the launch might happen later this month.




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