The Oreo Beta for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ is official and accessible to download on your phone. Since we have the update in hand, we’ve started detailing a few of the changes and features. We’ve just taken a looked at the new Notification Channels functionality, so in this post, we’ll look a few upgrades to Samsung’s stock keyboard.









While some Android users want to introduce outsider keyboards on their device, Samsung’s default keyboard has a loyal after among Galaxy fans. Previously, one of main fundamental issue with the Samsung keyboard was the inaccuracy of predictive text and swipe to type — yet that is all evolving.

With this update, Samsung has enhanced the general accuracy, and even provided a resizing choice to tailor the keyboard to your liking. The capacity to resize enabled me to get more precise results and improved the comfort level  for every day utilize.










On Oreo, you can expect a plenty of new emojis with Emoji 5.0 support embedded directly into the keyboard. On the off chance that you’ve been kicking the bucket to send a zebra or pretzel emoji, this will without a doubt fill your heart with joy. Alongside the new emoji comes proper support for inserting GIFs directly from the keyboard. Google has included native GIF support on Gboard for a little while, so it’s great to see Samsung integrate this.









If emoji and GIFs aren’t your thing, Samsung additionally added a few productivity upgrades to their keyboard. You would now be able to get to a full clipboard with photograph sneak peaks at the best — this icon is found just to one side of the GIFs. Typing quickly is critical when you’re chipping away at a phone, and the four new high contrast themes can help with that. The majority of the high contrast themes can help but difficult to find distinct parts and isolate the keyboard into unmistakable parts, enabling the user to visualize functionality by color.

This certainly seems to be Samsung’s greatest keyboard update in a some time. Upgrades in ease of use and precision joined with various highlights make this one to anticipate. On the off chance that you have the Oreo Beta on your S8, let us think about your involvement with the keyboard in the comments!





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