Samsung today posted another video on its YouTube channel called “Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up,” which takes after the life of a young fellow as he buys Apple devices over  of ten years, and afterward chooses to change sides to Samsung on the eve of the iPhone X launch. The 1-minute commercial features the song “I’m Moving On” by Chyvonne Scott.

The video starts at the iPhone launch in 2007, and consequent years show the main character confronting capacity issues when taking a photograph and holding up in long lines under poor weather conditions for the most recent iPhone. At a certain point, he drops his iPhone in water and needs to put it in a bowl of rice, while his girlfriend’s device phone keeps on working.

Other points made in the advertisement revolve around the iPhone’s absence of stylus support, and additionally its need for dongles after the removal of the 3.5mm earphone jack in the iPhone 7. The advertisement ends with the character’s choice to turn off his iPhone and buy a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, and he eventually walks past a line of people waiting for the iPhone X — including a guy with a notch-like haircut — without joining them.

The most recent Samsung smartphone is the Galaxy Note 8, which launched in September with double back cameras, a 6.3-inch AMOLED ‘Boundlessness/ Infinity Display’, and another and upgraded S Pen with enhanced weight affectability. Many publications positively assessed the Note 8 before its launching, agreeing that the absence of a explosive battery made Samsung’s newest device a step up from the Note 7.





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