First and foremost, there were telephones without cameras. Presently, we have telephones with two, three, and most as of late four fundamental cameras. This pattern of including an ever increasing number of focal points is gradual, yet without a doubt, crawling us more like a future when individuals with trypophobia won’t have the capacity to take a gander at the back of their telephone. Likewise, don’t Google trypophobia on the off chance that you don’t recognize what it is.

Bits of gossip about a Nokia gadget with five cameras have been skimming around for a long time, and on the off chance that it appears to be exorbitant to you at first, hold up till you find out about LG’s most recent patent, which dramatically multiplies that number. We are discussing 16 cameras here. Sixteen. On a cell phone.

Another patent, conceded to LG by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently and found by LetsGoDigital, includes a cell phone with a fundamental camera setup that comprises of 16 focal points with changing central lengths and qualities. Also, however, this may appear one too much, the patent really goes over some truly energizing stuff that could be accomplished with this number of cameras.

For instance, with a solitary tap, each of the 16 cameras will tackle a similar time and you’ll have the capacity to pick your most loved afterward. Need a wide-edge shot of an excellent scene? Beyond any doubt. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about a decent one at a more drawn out central length? You’ve just got it. Seeing as how cell phones are as of now equipped for catching blasts of a hundred pictures in negligible seconds, LG’s vision may not be excessively troublesome, making it impossible to pull off sooner rather than later.

Another cool prospect is that of endlessly enhanced profundity recognition in the telephone, which could prompt a more precise shallow profundity of field reproduction for Portrait mode or even enable us to change the concentration after the photograph has just been taken. The patent additionally makes reference to sewing different parts of various pictures together and different sorts of controls that clients might do in the wake of taking an image.

Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about the selfie camera at that point? Indeed, it’s only a decent friendless focal point on the front. Be that as it may, pause! LG could never let that sweet, sweet camera set up on the back go to squander, isn’t that so? You will have the capacity to take selfies — 16 at any given moment, to be exact — utilizing the back cameras… with the assistance of a small mirror.

A few delineations in the patent show how a mirror could be utilized on the back of the telephone to help with taking pictures of yourself. It appears to be an insane thought and won’t be as exact as really observing yourself through the camera, however, on the other hand, you’ll be taking 16 pictures at once. At any rate one’s gotta turn out well.

LG has been known for trying different things with new things with regards to cell phone cameras, with the wide-point shooter turning into a trademark of sorts for the organization, so it wouldn’t be too outlandish to expect that LG could have a go at adding more cameras to its telephones. Besides, there’s as of now a convenient camera with 16 focal points (and sensors) available. It is known as the Light L16 and enables you to take 52-megapixel pictures that you can control in various routes later on. Without a doubt, it’s not as little as a telephone, but rather that is the thing that this present industry’s great at – downsizing tech to snuggly fit within your pocket.


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