We’re coming to the mid-section of the show, which means one thing: nearly everything has been announced.

We’ve had an absolute smorgasbord of new stuff show up this year, although we’re struggling to see anything truly groundbreaking – 8K TV seems to be the star of the show, but that’s setting the scene for the future, meaning it’ll be least 2022 until you’ll need to think about upgrading.

The show kicked off on August 29 in the German capital and will keep rolling for a week, so the public can get its eyes on the latest televisions, wearables, and laptops.

Stay tuned to this page to read about everything launched a the show (as well as a generous smattering of hands-on pieces where we experience the tech).


As we’ve mentioned, the name of the game here is 8K – the next generation resolution that all the TV manufacturers hope will force you to buy a new set in the future.

Will you really need to? The jury’s still out. But there are more short-term updates we’re more excited about:

We’ve seen HDR10+ in action – and it looks ace

We’ve peered into the future, and it’s glorious. Well, if you like a big ol’ TV and lots of lovely pictures to look at, that is.

We all know we’re supposed to look for things to be HDR-capable, but the new HDR10+ standard is the one to watch – and it was unveiled in a rather colorful way earlier in the day. It’s going to fight against Dolby Vision as the dominant standard – it’s hard to really explain it, so please have a click through to our eyes-on for some visual entertainment.

Samsung’s secret IFA announcement is an 8K QLED TV

If you’re after something a little more jaw-dropping than just the standard TVs these days, how about this massive thing from Samsung, which not only offers massive 8K pictures but also upscales your boring 4K footage? Thought so.

LG launches world’s first 8K OLED TV – but you probably can’t afford it

This TV is just a bit crazy – it’s 88-inches of pixel madness, all placed on top of impressive OLED technology, which gives deep blacks, rich colors… all the things you’d expect from a TV that might cost more than most cars on the road.

You’re getting 7680 x 4320 from the huge display, so you’ll definitely need a large room to house this one – but it’s worth checking out, if only to see what sort of TV you’ll be deciding about buying in 2022.

Sony’s WH-1000XM3 turns your crowded commute into a silent retreat

Our favorite headphones of the show, these were already strong cans and the noise canceling has been cranked up a notch.

Comfortable to wear, hugely capable of keeping the world out, and looking stylish too – you can see why we liked them in our hands on Sony WH-1000MX3 review.


JBL brings Google Assistant to new Everest GA wireless headphones

Want to access one of the world’s biggest search engines without having to lift a finger? These are the headphones you’ll need to do it. Coming in at around $300 (£230 / $400) they’re not the cheapest out there, but you do get 24 hours’ battery life.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds show we’re properly living in the future

Wireless earbuds are just awesome, right? No wires anywhere in sight, the connection to myriad devices some futuristic stuff… we love them.

There are cheaper options out there as these are £259/$299 (about AU$400) for the pair, but Sennheiser’s offering may emerge as the best argument yet for cutting the cord.


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