A year ago, we cannot carry Galaxy Note 7 on a flight due to blast of battery issues. Now, Samsung is reportedly handing out free Galaxy Note 8 units to fliers in a bid to tell the world that its latest Note phone is as safe as a chocolate bar on airplanes. The company indeed handed out  free Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – packed and sealed in retail boxes – to all passenger in Spain.

It was a surprise gesture as far as passengers were concerned. They have no idea that they will get a phone that costs nearly $1000 (INR 67,900) in Spain for free. The Note 8 were distributed on a flight operated by iberia between Madrid to A Coruna. First passengers little amused and then grinning from ear-to-ear as air hostess went through the aisle handing out free boxes of the latest Samsung Flagship.

The Note 7 was later recalled by Samsung and after a few weeks killed. The company announced that it was scrapping all the Note 7 it made and asked consumers who had managed to get it to return the device back. The units that were not returned were later disabled with a software update.

This was a reference to the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Last year when the reports of the Note 7 catching fire due to the battery problems surfaced, almost everywhere in the world airlines first banned the Note 7 from the check-in baggage and then later banned it altogether. The device was considered too dangerous to be carried on planes.

The Note 8 was launch a few months ago. Samsung says that it took extra care for the battery in this phone and that it is perfectly safe for the daily use.  Samsung giving away the free Note 8 units to people inside a plane is company’s attempt to draw attention at the fact that the Note 8 is perfectly safe to use, even on the planes.

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