Late reports have recommended that Samsung may will to partake in Google’s Android Go program. It has a gadget in the pipeline with demonstrate number SM-J260G which has just been benchmarked. The benchmark gave us enough hints to presume this is likely the primary  Android Go handset.

We announced a month ago that Samsung had begun testing the SM-J260 in four markets on the Indian subcontinent – India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. We would now be able to uncover that Samsung is trying its first Android Go handset in many new markets over the globe.

To start with Samsung Android Go handset

The business sectors in the Indian subcontinent where this handset was at first being tried are the place the organization has generally discharged a large number of its spending gadgets. It wouldn’t have shocked anybody if this handset was kept constrained to those four nations. Things being what they are turns out, however, that Samsung is trying the handset for many markets crosswise over Europe, Latin America and Asia.samsung_j2

The SM-J260F is being tried in the United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Caucasus Countries, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, France and Poland. It’s trying model number SM-J260M in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Panada and Paraguay. The new markets in Asia for the SM-J260G incorporate Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

It’s very likely that the organization might try things out for a stock Android-controlled gadget from Samsung. Propelling its first Android Go gadget in many markets over the globe will empower Samsung to determine if there’s sufficient request in the market for its cell phones that offer an unadulterated Android encounter.

A considerable lot of our perusers have said that they might want Samsung to receive a blend going ahead, that it should offer some stock Android gadgets in its lineup too. Android Go offers the ideal stage for that since it’s an emphasis of Android Oreo that is intended for gadgets with 1GB of RAM or less. Samsung can try things out with a low-end gadget initially to check whether there’s enthusiasm from clients before choosing how to continue further.


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