The Samsung Galaxy S8 snatched the 2017 minimal leader crown, securing a little more than 33% of all votes over our week-long survey. A solid group top pick, the Samsung telephone ran basically unopposed, with the nearest match being 11 rate focuses behind.

Whatever remains of the contenders just oversaw single-digit imparts to the LG G6 getting the most fan love among those that didn’t make it to the platform – a sum of 8%. The iPhone 8 wound up 1% shy of its model name, while the Xiaomi Mi 6 got accurately 6% of the votes. All things considered, the Huawei P10 missed its objective by a great deal.

Stay tuned for round two of this poll, where it’s the big bros’ turn to battle it out – the Notes, Pluses, and XLs.

Samsung Flagship



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