It looks like Nikon’s not the only one launching a full-frame mirrorless camera. Rumors are growing that we’ll see a Canon full-frame mirrorless camera very soon as well.

In fact, it’s likely that we’ll see not one, but two new Canon full-frame mirrorless cameras according to Canon Rumors. The first is likely to be a new flagship model to sit at the top of the new Canon full-frame mirrorless range of cameras, with a second model featuring a lower resolution launched a little later.

Canon has done a good job of keeping details of its new mirrorless camera under wraps so far. What we do know is that a new Canon camera, thought to be the full-frame mirrorless model, is currently being tested in the field by a select group of professional photographers.

Canon is keen to get its first full-frame mirrorless camera ‘right’ from the start, especially as Sony is on a bit of a roll at the moment with both the Alpha A9 and Alpha A7R III. Nikon launched its new Z system on August 23 with two models, the Z6 and flagship Z7.

Let’s take a look a look at everything we know so far about the new Canon full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it?Canon’s first high-end full-frame mirrorless camera
  • When is it out?It could be on sale by the end of 2018
  • How much will it cost?Hard to say at the moment

Canon full-frame mirrorless camera: release date

CanonRumors‘ sources are saying the new camera (we’re guessing the high-end flagship model) will be on sale by the end of 2018, although it’s not clear when we’ll see an announcement.

With Photokina, the photography industry’s biggest event of the year, taking place in September, it’s possible we could see an announcement in time for then or at the show itself, especially as Canon tends to announce its higher-end models in the second half of the year.

Failing that, it’s likely we could at the very least see a development announcement at Photokina, with the camera then breaking cover in the early part of 2019. Especially if Nikon’s releasing its own full-frame mirrorless camera on August 23, Canon won’t want to be left out. Timings could also be a bit vague as Canon is waiting to see what Nikon launches before committing with its own launch.

Source: TechRadar


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