It appears that the long and bloody court battle in the courts, Apple has for the last time claimed victory over Samsung to the count of $120 million. The Supreme Court said today that it wouldn’t hear an interest in the patent encroachment case, first chose in 2014, which has been bouncing through appeals courts in the years since.

The case rotated around Apple’s well known slide-to-open patent and, among others, its less-celebrated quick links patent, which secured programming that consequently transformed data like a phone number into a tappable link. Samsung was found to have encroached the two patents. The decision was upset just about two years after the fact, and afterward restored by and by not as much as a year after that. From there, Samsung appealed to the Supreme Court, which is the place the case met its end today.

Normally, Samsung isn’t satisfied with the result. “Our argument was supported by numerous who trusted that the Court should hear the case to reestablish reasonable fair that promote innovation and prevent abuse of the patent framework,” a Samsung representative said in a statement. The company additionally said the decision would let Apple “unjustly profit” from an invalid patent.

Apple did not quickly react to a request for comment.

This isn’t the finish of Apple and Samsung’s legal battles in court, be that as it may. This is just the finish of one case. The two still haven’t put a conclusion to their much bigger lawsuit — the one that initially gave Apple more than a $1 billion win against Samsung, which has since been whittled down to closer to $400 million. That case comes back to court in May to wrangle about how the damages should be calculated.




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